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                          Recent & upcoming activities of  PERSPECTIVES KAMERUN e.V. and partner organizations.

We publish events and upcoming events from PERSPECTIVES KAMERUN e.V. as well as from our partners to draw attention over our activities. We put our partnership activities at the forefront. We are sometimes co-organizers or are invited to present ourselves. Examples are; during the events of the Africa Solidarity Days in Kiel, Rendsburg, Hamburg, Wolfsburg, the One World Prize of the North Church in Hamburg, KENAKO - Africa Festival in Berlin. In Kiel, `` Kluge Köpfe '' education award for African migrants in Schleswig-Holstein, African Youth Education Awards, - `` ayeawards '' -, in Hamburg, The Djankeu - activities in the USA to help children in Cameroon, The 500 Girls project in Douala - Cameroon for the support of young Cameroonian girls in Cameroon. And other national, international and intercultural activities. We are involved in the development policy dialogue 'North-South' dialogue where there is discussion and reflection; "How can African perspectives be transferred to the Marshall Plan?", "What do the African people want?", "What kind of support / what needs are there from an African perspective?" ... what are the experiences and views of our local partners on current development cooperation and our development policy / our Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation (BMZ). Click Banner and Project Below:

                                                                                                         ANNOUNCEMENT FOR EXCHANGE OF KNOWLEDGE

                                                                                                                          Application deadline December 01, 2021 to January 20, 2022

Are you interested in fish farming, do you love to delve deeply into subject areas and would you like to actively help shape sustainability? As part of Engagement Global's ASA program (, in connection with our implementation of the 2030 Agenda with your 17 sustainability goals (, look for we are committed and motivated people between 21 and 30 years old who live in Germany. Also people between 21 and 35 years of age residing in Cameroon to accompany one of our projects in the field of agriculture, in particular aquaculture / fish farming. If you are interested, you can accompany our project in Cameroon for a period of 3 months. Arrangements are being made to cover transportation and accommodation costs for the 3 months in Cameroon. From the end of August / September to December 2022. If you would like to become our candidate, send us an email at; This project sets an example for sustainable agriculture with the construction of an aquaculture / Fish farm in Cameroon. In order to participate in this, you should have a carefull working skill and some motivation to learn new things. at least some experience in research activities also for fish farming is necessary. Due to the pandemic, the project can also take place online. In this case, you should be able to conduct video conferences and live streaming and process information digitally. The project is coordinated in Cameroon by our project partner GIC-AGRIELBAB. Our partner organization in Cameroon; Groupe d’Initiative Commune des Producteurs Agricoles et Eleveurs de Babouantou GIC-AGRIELBAB) is a regional organization in Cameroon with the aim of promoting rural development in cooperation with small farmers and communities. The organisation has already carried out site visits and water analyzes in the past. A water committee was set up to monitor processes such as pumping and filtering water in the community. In addition to food and water management, the organization deals with topics such as health and education and in the past has for example carried out water projects and  projects to acquire school desks, among others.

Fishing is one of the most important food procurement methods in Cameroon, but the inland regions are cut off from it. This is to be changed by building a fish farm. During the project phase in Batack - Babouantou, in the  West Region of Cameroon, you shall research background information on local aquaculture and fish farming: Which fish species are suitable due to the climatic conditions? What suitable feed are there and how can the end products be marketed? The research assignment is completed with an excursion to the coastal region. Additional data are to be collected here in order to develop a strategy for the fish farming project. In the practical part of the project, you should then support the construction and operation of the aquaculture facility. It is about the production of fish feed and the feeding methodes, the documentation of the fish population from the egg to the adult animal as well as the sustainable reproduction of the fish eggs. The entire process should be recorded in the media.

If the project takes place digitally, instead of the practical part of the project, you will prepare seminars and presentation videos, as well as document the status of fish farming online. You will be in contact with the team on site, e.g. via video chat tools. One focus is placed on public relations: the project is to be advertised in cooperation with the media in order to find those interested in further training opportunities. The ASA seminars will take place from April to June 2022 and in winter / spring 2023. The project phase takes place - in consultation with the partner institution - between July 2022 and December 2022. The prerequisite for participation in the ASA program is active participation in the seminars (2022 and 2023) and the project phase in the partner country. If the project is to be carried out digitally, it will take place part-time with 27 hours per week. Online presence times can deviate from the normal working hours in Germany depending on the time difference to the partner country.

                                                              AFRICA SOLIDARITY DAY IN KIEL SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN, GERMANY

You are all invited to join us, participate in this great event in which groups of organizations engaged in eradicating underdevelopment in Africa and also showing their engagement concerning the refugees , are to be present to show pictures and reports about their engagement. Solidarity with Africa, podium discussions , dance with music. The Venue in  Kiel will be disclosed on the posters:  


Baseball and softball training in Bonaberi Douala