ABOUT US

                              Welcome to PERSPECTIVES KAMERUN e.V., welcome to our website.

Who are we ? We are a family. And You can support and join us in our activities. PERSPECTIVES KAMERUN e.V. is a non-governmental organisation ( NGO ) with head office in the city of Kiel in Germany. And Contact offices in other countries. The name of the organisation indicates already what our activities are all about. Over the years back from 1940s, our Father, Grand father, Uncle, Brother and Founder of this activities, Papa Mbeu Tchoua Dr. Pius Y. Tomdio began to and had engaged his time in different regions in Cameroon & African Continent with humanitarian work. Taking care of children, youths and adults in diversified sections including financial, material and educational support. All these was and has been possible through the support of family members as a free contribution in nation building. They all have given future and are still giving hopes to - the poor of the poorest -  in Cameroon. PERSPECTIVES KAMERUN e.V. is registered in the See Port City of Kiel in the federal state of Schleswig - Holstein of northern Germany. With registration NR. ( AG Kiel - VR 5659 KI ) since the 22 of October 2010.

Social engagement and charity is regarded as a big word within the family. For us it is very important to support the remote and underdeveloped regions in all aspects as much as we can to bring about prosperity. With togetherness, every thing is possible,  " fighting together to eradicate underdevelopment ". We are involved and also making our main target to be the maximum support  of  - the poor of the poorest - in Cameroon, to improve standard of living. The financial expenditure for our engagement and aims is very high. The associations´ finances alone cannot meet up with the demands of the projects so that this association mainly relies on your supports, financially  and materially. Please we call on YOU to help us in any way you can. Your contribution is dedicated for Charity with the assurance that it will get to the needy. You are free to visit the projects you donated for. Yes of course we are also going to be giving updates and actual information about the ongoing projects online. Contact us.

Woman with child washing cloth in Mamoun Village near Buea in Cameroon

We publish the event and upcoming events of PERSPECTIVES KAMERUN e.V. and our partners in order to allow the general public know of our activities. We also put our partnership activities at the forefront. We are also co-organizers or are invited to present our humanitarian activities. Examples are such a the Africa Solidarity Day in Kiel, Rendsburg, Hamburg, Wolfsburg, the One World Prize of the Northern Church in Hamburg, KENAKO - Africa Festival in Berlin. In Kiel, `` Kluge Koepfe '' Education Award for African Migrants in Schleswig-Holstein. African Youth Education Awards, - `` Aye Awards´´ -, in Hamburg. The Djankeu - Activities in the USA to help children in Cameroon, The 500 girls project in Douala - Cameroon for the support of young Cameroonian girls in Cameroon. And other national, international and intercultural activities. We are involved in the policy development dialogue ``North-South dialogue´´ with discussion and reflection "How can African perspectives be transferred to the Marshall Plan ?", "What does the African population wants ?", " What support and needs are there from an African perspective ?" What are the experiences and views of our partners on the ground about the current development cooperation and development policy of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation (BMZ).

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