AGRICULTURAL PROJECTS

PERSPECTIVES KAMERUN e.V is involved in the promotion of agricultural projects in Cameroon. We support young people and communities, We work together with our project partners in communities. Our goal is to give support to them so that we can train more young people and people in communities to make them active in the agricultural sector. We involve in Poultry farms, Fish farms and fish ponds, Rearing of animals and fowls for income and  food. The waste of the animals are then extracted and used as fertilizers to grow food crops, So increasing production and increase of income for those involved in the projects.


                                                                                               AQUACULTURE, AQUAPONY, FISH FARMING

Perspektives Kamerun e.V. also engages in fish farming projects. Although Cameroon has many rivers, lakes, seas, and the Atlantic Ocean, it is only a relatively small population that is involved in fishing. Fishing is mainly practiced in the coastal regions of the country as a profession by the relatively small population who fish on a small scale and not as industrial fishing. They do not replace the fishes they are taking out from the rivers, seas, lakes and oceans. Since fishing is only concentrated in regions with such waters, this already shows that the availability of fish for the population is not evenly distributed, with very high prices for buying fish in the inland regions especially during the dry season there are very limited number of fishes and some waters dry out as a result of climate change. It is easy to see that many people who live outside the coastal regions cannot even fish. They have to pay high prices to import fish into their regions, especially in the mountainous regions of Cameroon. We analyzed this situation and discussed with communities and groups how Perspectives Cameroon e.V. can help to increase the availability of fish, which is also one of the very important sources of nutrients for the population. We decided to take on aquaculture and fish farming as one of the major areas.

Together with our local project partners in the local communities, we have decided to get involved in the projects “Strengthening food security through fish farming in the community”. The project falls under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. SDG 2; No hunger, SDG 12: sustainable consumption and production, SDG 14; Life under water. A project is planned with the aim of qualifying different target groups, introducing new methods and techniques through training courses, including the acquisition of learning materials, training and further education for multiplicators as well as raising awareness about fish farming. An example project for sustainable animal management with the construction of an aquaculture structure in Cameroon. We are to organise seminars with both theorie and practicals, also presentation videos and the status of fish farming will be documented online. The project serves as a training opportunity. Fish is one of the most important food sources in Cameroon, but the inland regions are cut off from it. This is to be changed by building a fish farm. We plan to train between 25 and 35 people at the same time, depending on the finance we can raise through donations. We wish that many people, institutions, companies and supporters of Perspectives Kameroon e.V. can support us financially, materially and morally in order to further improve the life of the common man in the society. Fishfarm is still a new phenomenon in the society and we want to make it attractive. Our training program includes; Knowledge of fish species, suitable climatic conditions, suitable feed, the construction and operation of the aquaculture facility, growing fish from egg to adult fish, fish processing, fish preservation and end product marketing.    

                                                                               FISH FARMING IN BATACK - BABOUANTOU / CAMEROON

For the year 2022 we plan a fish farming project in Batack - Babountou in the western region of Cameroon from August / September 2022. We already have 35 people ready to take part in the training. In order to carry out the project with all our project partners as plan, we have to invest more than € 20,000. We continue to ask for donations to allow us carry out the project.

                                                                                                                      POULTRY FARM PROJECTS

We are engaged and committed in the promotion of poultry farms for the needy in Cameroon in other to empower them to become selfemployed by acquiring the knowledge of how to run a poultry farm. This leads to the figth against hunger and increase in finance. The financial need to carry out such a project is high since many persons in rural and urban communities wish to have the possibility to own a poultry farm. Our poultry farm projects involves direct help for the poor and under privileged in the community. In this way we support and provide "help for self-help". We lay great importance to health, nutrition, environmental protection and education. We do educational workshops in villages, the villagers suggest projects that we check on site. In 2009 we financed and carried out a poultry farm in Oumbe Village near Tiko, in the south west region of Cameroon. In 2011 we financed a community poutry farm in the village of Malende, a village about 7 km from Kumba in the south west region of Cameroon. The poultry farm in Malende was to serve as a pilot project for other poultry farm projects in the area in future, where other villagers learn how such a poultry farm activities looks like. Our Organisation's funds cannot cover all the expenses for a single poultry farm, so we dependent on your donations that we use to carry out the projects. We know you can assist us too financially. We plan to  do poultry farm training in the communities of Batack - Babouantou in the western Region of Cameroon and Likumba - Tiko in the south west Region of Cameroon as soon as we can have the necessary finances to cover the project. Your donations will arrive the needy in communities that we identify for a project. Support us with your donations. Of course we will also inform you online about the progress of the projects. What is now donated to education, reorganization, nutrition, drinking water supply, healthcare and the struggle for survival is an investment in the future for mankind.

Fowls in the poultry farms