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                                                                   BASEBALL AND SOFTBALL TRAINING PROJECTS

PERSPECTIVES KAMERUN e.V. is involved in the promotion of baseball and softball. We support young people, we work together with our local project partner, Bonaberi Red Sox Academy (BRSA), Bonabéri Red Sox Academy Little League (BRSALL). to give all children and young people the same opportunities. 


                                                                                                   Bonabéri Red Sox Academy

Bonaberi Red Sox Academy is a non-profit sports association, operating for years already and whose objective is the voluntary supervision of young people without distinction of sex in the practice of baseball and softball in the deprived districts of cities and towns in Cameroon such as in the city of Douala, Yaounde, Bafang, Nkongsamba, Kumba, Tiko, Likumba, Babouantou, Loum, Mbanga, Melong, Manjo, Bafoussam, Edea, Buea, Limbe, in Cameroon. 


The sport of bassball and softball is an interesting sport that children are also interested in. Baseball and softball are not yet common in Cameroon. Since 2014, PERSPECTIVES KAMERUN e.V. decided to co-operate with the Academy, support and make baseball and softball a reality in Cameroon and Africa. The Leading founder, Coordinator and Director of the baseball and softball in Cameroon is the National Technical director for Baseball and softball, Dr. Romuald MOUTCHEU MOUGWE ROMUALD. The Coaches of Baseball and Softball who have always kept focussed to make Baseball and softball to be known in Cameroon are; Mr. Fochive Blaise trainer of Baseball and softball, Mr. Ngameni Bedel trainer of baseball and softball, Mr. Fayeu Franklin is trainer for Baseball, Mrs. Monthe Ydosile is the Trainer for Softball and Mr. Tchango Lewis is trainer for Baseball. We are advancing in the motivation of interess for baseball and softball and we are looking for supporters. Since 2014 the Bonaberi Red Sox Academy (BRSA) has been an initiative to spread baseball and softball in Cameroon. The BRSA organizes training camps for children and young people under the title "Baseball Accent Cameroon". By 2017, more than 1,500 children have been trained and are all enthusiastic. Our goal with Bonaberi Red Sox Academy is to support the Baseball Accent Cameroon project so that we can train more young people together.

PERSPECTIVES KAMERUN e.V. organizes the financing and international relationship and sponsor for the project as well as the supervision. Bonaberi Red Sox Academy is responsible for coordination, training, knowledge transfer and monitoring of sustainability strategies on site. To carry out the project, we need equipment for baseball and softball, T-shirts, laying and means of transport for the participants.

You can click on the banner below to see pictures of baseball & softball projects Since our resources for sports education is limited we do appeal for your financial and material surport for our baseball and softball  projects. Just contact us.

Baseball and softball training in Bonaberi Douala          

                                                                                 PROJECT DESCRIPTION  BASEBALL  ACCENT CAMEROON

Youths of age below the age of 13 years (U13) ; Girls for softball and boys for baseball. We train and create eight teams with a minimum of 15 girls each and of eight teams with a minimum of 15 boys each. That means 120 girls and 120 boys for the competitions. (NB. ; The images are from previous years. The youths will be involved in the training. The training involve youths beginers who will use this opurtunity to fortify their knowledge of baseball and softball. We are always expecting at least 150 girls and boys below 13 years of age (U13).

                                                                               TRAINING OF THE TRAINERS AND SUPERVISORS

We do train the trainers and supervisors so we can spread the initiative. The supervisors for the Central Region of Cameroon where trained in Douala in the year 2017 and on 30.12.2017 they received their certificates . The training involves both theoretical and practical trainings with tests in scoring,  coatching and management in baseball and softball ; they where 25 persons in the program.

                                                                               THE BASEBALL AND SOFTBALL TEAMS IN CAMEROON

Since the year 2017 our local project partner in Cameroon, ,,Bonaberi Red Sox Academy´´ (BRSA), have been operational running activities also as Bonabéri Red Sox Academy Little League (BRSALL), to give all children and young people the same opportunities to have knowledge of Baseball and softball. Many teams have been created and more teams are to be created. 

                                                                                                                                                Baseball and Softball team in Cameroon


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With your donations, our experience and experts here and at the seit, we can together sustain to assist the needy in Cameroon and Afrika by enabling them expand on their own and giving perspectives. We do have ptojects that we need supporters in the area of: clean drinking water in villages and communities, Nutrition, education ( building schools, benches, school fees ....) , health centers, agriculture and infrastructures. It will be good to make a bank transfer contract to our charity bank account at the Förde Sparkasse Kiel in Germany.  For any other methode to send in your donations you just contact us. To send to our Charity account use this information;

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