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                                                                                                        HOW TO HELP AND DONATE TO ASSIST IN HUMANITARIAN PROJECTS 

How to help. Thank you for wanting to help us assist the needy. We stand up for the people in Cameroon and Africa who lack the means and the opportunity to help themselves. As a non governmental organization involve in humanitarian activities, we always look for the necessary means and things that should directly benefit those affected through our voluntary activities and the donations that comes from all those who are donating to our organization to carry out all our activities. Just take a look of the projects we did up to this moment. We will be happy if you, your friends, acquaintances, family members, company, club, donate to us regularly or once. We are happy about every contribution as small as it is for the people in need in Cameroon and Africa. Everyone can actively participate with ideas that support our activities. Something in particular, you can also give away the excess finances you generate so that we help those who have camparatively nothing. We always have humanitarian  projects ready to carry out.

                                                                                     DONATION & FUNDING FOR CHARITY

Thank you for wanting to donate to PERSPECTIVES KAMERUN e.V. Everyone can contribute materially, make factual contribution and financial donations to those in need in Cameroon and Africa at their own discretion and posibilities. Fund and Donate to projects so that together we can fight injustice, suffering, poverty and underdevelopment in the poorest regions in an unbureaucratic and effective manner. With your help, our experience and experts here and on the ground, we can give the poor and needy in Cameroon & Africa new perspectives in a sustainable and independent manner. We have projects for which we are still looking for supporters. In areas of clean drinking water in villages & municipalities, nutrition, education, school construction, training centers, school desks, school supplies, school bags, construction of medical wards, school fees, agriculture and infrastructure. You can also use part of your establishment to help children in need in Cameroon. We are happy to set to let you know that we set up our donation account at the bank in Germany, Förde Sparkasse Kiel. Use the information below for the transfer of funds to our organization.

Name of the recipient: PERSPECTIVES KAMERUN e.V.

 Account numberInternational Bank account number: IBAN: DE57210501701001644705

 International Bank code: BIC: NOLADE21KIE

Name of Bank: Foerde Sparkasse Kiel.

Country of bank location : Germany.

You can also use PayPal. Our PayPal account is:

Important: Since 2008, donations up to € 200 do not require a donation receipt. The tax office recognizes a copy of the account statement or a copy of the payment slip. Therefore, for donations of up to € 200.00, a donation receipt will only be issued upon special request. For contributions, certification on request, please do not forget to provide your address. We are authorized by the taxation office of the city of Kiel to issue a donation confirmation certification in arcordance to the financial law §§ 10b of the Income Tax Act of the federal republic of Germany. Your donation is guaranteed to arrive the needy community or project you donated for. The reports on donation income and expenses for projects are regularly available, cost transparencies and cost efficiencies are examined by an independent committee. Support us with your donation. Of course we will also inform you online including on social media about the progress of the projects. What is now being donated to the activities of PERSPECTIVES KAMERUN e.V. is an investment in the future for mankind.

                                                                                                        VOLUNTARY ENGAGEMENT

Our activities are voluntary based. Everyone can actively support us with ideas and commitment. We also have lots of information you might need about projects we that we need support. The effort we put in for our comitments is high. We can also delegate some tasks to volunteers.

                                                                                                        HONORARY OFFICE PROJECTS

Volunteers are needed for trainees and students. We have many young people who need support during their training and study, not only financial support for the payment of school fees and school materials, but also mentoring to prevent training or university dropouts. Anyone who wants to help trainees or school children in Cameroon decide the duration of engagement themselves. Interested persons or institutions can take part in this Fees subvention and payment project. For more information and procedures, contact PERSPECTIVES KAMERUN e.V.


Your donations serve to promote specific projects. Jobs are created locally and local initiatives are promoted. We give small loans to families, groups or small farmers as a special form of help. With the money, people can lease land, set up and manage their own small crafted business. The families and people pay the money back in installments as soon as sufficient income has been generated. We usually do not give such small loans in the form of cash, but as natural goods. Example of such are like animals and birds such as  such as chickens, rabbits, goats or seeds. With the offspring and the manufactured products, or crops produced, the repayment can be made. The profit is then used to better their own livelihood.

Pictures shows children collecting un purified water for drinking at the water source early morning before going to school. One of our area of concern is to provide clean drinking pipeline to the communities so that children will not travel long distance to collect dirty water as seen on these pictures taken in Likumba in Cameroon.2019


Thanks for contacting


We will be happy to see you visiting our website regularly and also spreading and sending the website links to everyone you know, friends, relations, company, clubs and potential donors for charity.

Our Adresse  :


                               Harms Str. 72

                               D 24114 Kiel


Tel.  :  0049(0)431-6613944

Fax :  0049(0)431-6613944

Tel. Mobile: 00491729821132

Steuernummer: 20/293/74059

You have questions or worries ? , Send us message or call us.

Send mesages to:-       

  E-Mail  :

Website :

  Contact person :  Lazare Tomdio.

                               : Bernadette Rasmussen.


With your donations, our experience and experts here and at the seit, we can together sustain to assist the needy in Cameroon and Afrika by enabling them expand on their own and giving perspectives. We do have ptojects that we need supporters in the area of: clean drinking water in villages and communities, Nutrition, education ( building schools, benches, school fees ....) , health centers, agriculture and infrastructures. It will be good to make a bank transfer contract to our charity bank account at the Förde Sparkasse Kiel in Germany.  For any other methode to send in your donations you just contact us. To send to our Charity account use this information;

Name of receipient:


IBAN: DE57210501701001644705


Bank name: Foerde Sparkasse Kiel.

Taxation Nr.: 20/293/74059

Important: Since the year 2008, for donations up to 200,00€ you do not need any Donation receipts, the Taxation office will accept your transfer receipt for tax reclaim. There for for donations up to  200,00€ we will give you receipt if you ask for. For amounts above we have to send the receipt, please send us your adresse where we have to post it.  To issue attestations in accordance with the german law  §§ 10b des EStG , we are permited by the Ministry of Finance through the Federal office of Finanzamt Kiel. Your donation will be used accordingly on the ground. The accountability for income and outcome on projects are available at all times regularly that we also expose. Cost transparency and efficiency can be checked by an independent comittee of donors.

Since our organization is working as voluntary, we do not have administrative cost for that reason all what you donate is used to 

100% for the project. We expose documentaries on project progress online for all to see.

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