The right to clean water access is a human right. However, many people have no way of getting clean drinking water. We have set ourselves the goal of remedying this situation in Cameroon. To date, the needy people in Cameroon have been waiting for someone to listen to them and help them get clean drinking water in their communities. We at PERSPEKTIVES KAMERUN e.V. have visited some of these communities and analyzed their situation on the spot. Some of the observations are unacceptable. Take a look over some of the pictures to get an idea of ​​how people suffer. Please don't turn your eyes away from this, but try to give helping hands. If you would like more information about the situation in a particular municipality, please do not hesitate to contact us. Under Current Water Projects you will find information about the communities that we still want to provide with clean water.

In the needy communities, people get unpure water unfiltered only from the available water sources. No wonder that the children cry of stomach ache again and again. You can observe from 4 a.m. in the morning, before the children go to school and after school, when the water sources are full of children to get water. You can meet between 30 to 80 people at a water source during peak hours in the dry season. There are always disputes and also fighting when everyone wants to fill his water container from the water flow just a through a small bamboo pipe from where the water flows in the container. Children usually have little chance of filling their containers with adults and usually have to spend more time waiting for them to fill their containers, mostly when the adults are gone or an adult accepts the to help a child fill the containers.

                                                                            PROJECT EXECUTION

The water sources are mostly in the forest a few kilometers away from the community center. We prefer geting the water from the source instead of the streams or rivers. We usually plan the projects without the use of water pumps, which can break down, get bad at some point, and also need electricity power and an electricity generators. We take advantage of the gravity of water on the hills, so the village does not need any additional costs to operate the system. water. We do build a water catchment at the source, build a water tank with cement concrete. In the catchment, we use very simple methode of natural filtration of sand filter, in layers built with sand, gravel, charcoal and stones. From the catchment, the filtered water is passed through PVC pressure pipes in a water tank from where pressure pipes continue to flow into the community and distributed within the community with several drinking water taps. To get an impression of the situation on the ground, you can have a look at the pictures of our completed projects in our gallery. Listed with project location and date. Right side on this screen.